Gauge the Age of Your Wiring with This Handy Guide

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There's something special about old houses. They have a charm that newer houses don't. What isn’t charming, however, are outdated electrical wires that don’t work or could shock someone with a simple flick of a switch. This is due to wiring and fuses in old homes unable to handle the power demands of today's appliances. Such a disjoint can cause problems and be dangerous. Plus, the wiring gets damaged over time from years of use or animals inside the walls. So, old houses need more care regarding their electrical systems.

Before you call your electrical company in Lethbridge, here’s how you can gauge the age of your wiring:

Burn Marks

Scorch marks on outlets are caused by electrical arcing. This can happen when an electrical current jumps from one conductor to another, causing a spark. The spark can cause a small fire, which can scorch the outlet.

The outlets in your home could be dangerous if they have burn marks or feel hot to the touch. This could be due to loose wiring, and replacing these outlets with newer models is important. Additionally, check to see if the outlets are grounded and have shock protection. Older outlets may not have these features, so upgrading to a safer option is important.


The flickering of lights is often caused by a loose connection in the electrical wiring. This can happen when a wire is not properly attached to a switch or outlet, or the electrical panel is not securely mounted.

Overloaded circuits can cause the lights to flicker. Have an electrical company check the circuit breakers and wiring to fix this.

Frayed Wires

Mice, rats, and other pests enjoy chewing on objects, including wires inside walls. Even though all wires come with insulation, rodents can still chew through the layers, and the bare wiring is often vulnerable to faults. If there are any damaged wires around a house, it creates a dangerous situation and requires replacing with caution.

Popping or Buzzing Sounds

It could signify a serious problem if you hear a sudden pop or buzz from your outlets or switches. If this happens occasionally, it's not a big deal, but if it's a persistent problem, you should call a professional electric company to take a look.

Tripping Circuits

A tripping circuit is a device that breaks an electrical circuit to protect it from damage. This is usually done using a switch activated when a problem is detected.

If you constantly have to reset your circuit breakers, it may signify that your home needs to be rewired through an electrical company. Modern circuits are designed to handle multiple appliances at once without any issues.


The above signs tell you that the electrical wiring must be changed immediately before any untoward incidents occur. Never address these by yourself; always get an electrical company to take a look. They can rewire your home to improve safety and increase convenience, adding extra switches and outlets and updating your home to meet modern safety standards.

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