Good Reasons to Consider an Electrical Panel Upgrade

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An electrical panel is an essential part of any home because it powers all your electrical appliances. Therefore, you shouldn’t call for electrical services in Lethbridge as a knee-jerk reaction. You’ve got to be prepared to maintain and upgrade when needed. Don’t be like the other homeowners who react only when too late. There are tremendous benefits to upgrading your electrical panel. Today’s article goes through a few good reasons you need to contact electrical services for a panel upgrade.

Minimizes Frequent Repairs

Fuses were once high-tech electrical devices, but you can still find them in fewer and fewer hardware suppliers. However, they’ve gone the path of the dial telephone or vinyl records; all of those parts have been replaced by new technology.

If you’ve had to replace your fuses frequently, it may mean it’s time for a change. You don’t want to try and find the right size on dusty old shelves, do you? Let electrical services replace your panel instead of chasing down obsolete parts to keep your current system going! You’ll cut back on time and money in the long run with a system designed to bring you into this century.

Outdated Panels Are Risky Business

Ideally, you should replace electric panels every 25 to 40 years. If your home falls in that age range and you’ve never replaced the panel, you may need to consider it.

A band-aid solution homeowners do is add two wires to a single breaker, a move also known as double-tapping. This creates an overcrowded panel, which risks arc flashes and electrical fires. An experienced professional can evaluate your system and determine if it might be time to upgrade your existing, overcrowded panel.

This check is also helpful if you want to upgrade other components of your electrical system simultaneously. For instance, many modern kitchens and bathrooms require GFCI outlets near the sinks or water sources. 

If you have loads of sensitive electronic equipment, perhaps for a home office, it may also be good to add surge protection to your system through professional electrical services.

Prevention of Electrical Quirks

If you’ve been dealing with problematic wiring for years and haven’t given it a second thought, primarily if you reside in an older house, now’s the time to call electrical services. While homeowners sometimes get used to these quirks of their outdated systems, some of these may be dangerous!

Problematic wiring results in:

  • The lights flickering on and off when larger appliances are turned on.

  • The smell of burning or ozone coming from your outlets.

  • Blackened marks on electrical outlets and other areas inside your home’s walls.

  • Small shocks when you plug something into an outlet or socket.

  • Warmth around your electrical panel and its associated wiring due to high electrical currents running through it.

  • Electrical cords that feel hot to the touch or are warm to the touch.

  • Frequent circuits trip or fuses blow when normal amounts of electricity are used.

  • Hissing noises coming from your electrical panel or its internal wiring/circuitry.

Talk to Electrical Services in Lethbridge 

Modern houses need modern technology to supply ample power to appliances and other devices in today’s digital world. Adding another wire or two isn’t going to cut it, especially if your board is from the 20th century. Give electrical services a call. They’ll adequately figure this out for you and prevent future damages from ever happening.

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