The Role of Bucket Truck Services in Electrical Systems

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Bucket truck services are like backhoes and cherry pickers, but smaller. They are used to access power lines and change light bulbs. Electrical companies use bucket truck services regularly to perform maintenance on power lines.

What Are Bucket Trucks?

Bucket trucks are aerial work platforms, mobile elevating work platforms, or elevating work platforms. They are a type of vehicle that is designed to place workers at a higher elevation. This is done for convenience, safety, and to get a better view of the project.

Bucket trucks can reach the same height as a forklift. They can also reach higher than a cherry picker and a scissor lift by extension. The most common heights for bucket trucks are 22 feet and 33 feet. 

Let's dive into the other reasons you should hire bucket trucks for your electrical needs in this post:

Helps with Maintenance & Repairs for Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting is vital for bringing light to an otherwise dark area with no lights. These lights are conducive when it comes to preventing accidents. When you park at a store, you need to see the space in front of your car to avoid dangerous mishaps. Parking lot lighting is typically what keeps the area surrounding your car clear, allowing you to see the spaces you need fully. 

Since parking lot lights are essential, you must regularly maintain them. That is where bucket truck services come in handy. With the help of bucket truck services, you can replace bulbs, repair faulty wiring, and get your lights working properly. This will help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Helps with Electrical Sign Installation

Hiring bucket truck services also help with electrical sign installation. One example of a sign installed with this service is a marquee. 

Helps with Repair & Maintenance of Street Lights

Street lights need to be maintained as well. This is why some bucket truck services will provide lighting repair services that will help you repair faulty wiring and replace bulbs. If a lamp post is missing a bulb, they can replace it as well. So no matter what electrical services you need, there is a bucket truck equipped to handle it.

Helps with Electrical Emergencies

Lastly, electrical bucket truck services are helpful when there is an electrical emergency. If you are experiencing problems with your electrical systems, you can call on their services for help. They have experience with electrical systems, so you can rely on them to get the job done. 

Other Ways Bucket Trucks Are Helpful

A few other ways bucket trucks are helpful are by helping with the installation of telecommunications, their help with the maintenance of power distribution and transmission lines, their support in utility maintenance and repairs, and their usage in firefighting. 

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons you should use bucket truck services. As mentioned before, they help put you in a higher position than a forklift or scissor lift. They can access areas that a cherry picker can't, do electrical sign installation, and are helpful when it comes to parking lot lighting and street lights.

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