Common Problems You’ll Face With Your Receptacles

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When you purchase a house or build a new one, noticing issues with the receptacles or outlets is very common. This may occur due to a lack of maintenance or old wiring in an existing house. For a newly constructed house, it may be due to hasty electrical work. To help you identify these issues and solve them quickly, the experts at Passey Electric have listed below three common problems you’ll face with your receptacles and how to fix them.

1. The outside receptacles stop working
If you find that your outside receptacles are not working, first check the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet that will be in one of the plug boxes outside. This outlet has a reset button on it that needs to be pushed to reset the outside plugs.

2. Improperly installed receptacles
When renovating your kitchen on your own, make sure you hook up your split receptacles correctly. If the outlet in your kitchen has a black and a red wire that was on the old receptacle, you will need to break the connection between the brass side of the new receptacle for your new plugs to work correctly.

3. Unusual electrical surges keep coming into the house
To save your family and your property from being exposed to electrical surges that could prove harmful, you can acquire affordable home surge protection. This can be installed in the main panel to control the electrical supply before it reaches your receptacles.

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