When Is the Best Time to Get an Emergency Backup Generator?

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Whether you own a home or business, you'd know that there's nothing more frustrating than experiencing power outages. This situation can make your electronics and appliances useless. It also means no lights, air conditioning, or internet access, which can affect productivity. 

While calling professional electrical services for maintenance can help minimize the frequency of power outages, your home can remain productive by investing in an emergency backup generator. 

If you want to run an efficient property despite the power interruption, this article will define an emergency generator, its types, and why you need one. 

What Is an Emergency Generator?

Electrical services define a generator as a device that converts mechanical or kinetic energy into electrical energy. This machine will then send this converted energy through electrical lines to power homes, businesses, and other facilities. 

What Are the Two Types of Emergency Generators?

Electricity is crucial in today's world, especially during emergencies. For this reason, you should educate yourself about your options to make an informed decision. After defining emergency generators, this section will discuss the two types of generators everyone should know. 

1. Standby Generators 

Manufacturers design standby generators to provide a backup power source when a power outage disrupts the regular power supply. You must remember that DIY jobs won’t work for installing this device. Instead, you should call professional electrical services to install and wire it into your electrical system because they connect to your home's main utility panel. 

Moreover, standby generators have an automatic trigger that activates when the power goes out, and they run on natural gas, propane, or gasoline. 

2. Portable Generators 

On the other hand, manually-activated generators offer a convenient way to provide power in an emergency. Gas-powered models are available in various sizes and capacities to meet any home or business's needs. 

Despite their benefits, you must remember to only operate these devices outdoors because of the potentially hazardous carbon monoxide emissions.

Why You Should Get an Emergency Backup Generator

After defining an emergency generator and its two types, this section will enumerate three crucial reasons to let local electrical services install this device in your home or business today. 

1. Power Outages are Costly 

Besides being highly frustrating, power outages can also be costly for organizations. The average power outage cost for companies is around $100,000, and an unplanned outage's price per minute increased from $5,617 in 2010 to $8,851 in 2017. Moreover, power outages can be even more stressful and costly, especially now that we're facing inflation. 

You can ease the financial burden on your home or business by letting a residential electrical service provider install an emergency backup generator on your property. These devices can provide businesses with uninterrupted power and offer additional security. 

2. Your Area Experiences Adverse Climate Conditions 

Some provinces experienced an unprecedented heat wave in the summer of 2020, urging authorities to issue an Energy Emergency Alert One. This situation occurred because of an anticipated increase in energy demand and potential generator outages. Climate change has also contributed to more extreme temperatures, which will likely continue. 

Businesses, especially those in manufacturing, can avoid costly losses caused by power outages by having a reliable emergency backup generator. 

3. You or Your Loved One Uses an Electrically-Dependent Medical Apparatus

Many senior citizens or people with chronic conditions depend on medical equipment like respirators, ventilators, and home dialysis machines to stay safe and healthy. Without power, they can be in danger. 

By having a backup generator, you can ensure their medical apparatus continues to function despite a power outage. 


Power outages can be frustrating and distressing for any homeowner or business. You can maintain productivity and reduce the risk by letting professional electrical services install an emergency backup generator. 

If you need professional electrical services in Lethbridge to install an emergency backup generator, work with Passey Electric! Our expert electricians offer complete electrical solutions to help residential and commercial clients enjoy safe and efficient properties. Contact us now!