What Are the Causes of Frequent Power Surges?

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A power surge is a sudden and powerful spike in the amount of electricity flowing through an electrical system. This can be caused by an internal or external source and can cause damage to appliances and electronics or even start a fire. Internal power surges are common but relatively harmless, while external ones can be much more dangerous.

Here are the different causes behind power surges:

Electrical Overload

A power surge occurs when more electricity is drawn from a single circuit than it can handle. This most commonly happens when too many electrical devices are plugged into outlets or extension cords or when too many devices are plugged into a power strip that cannot handle the load.

Faulty Wiring

Wiring is an important part of making sure electricity is delivered correctly. If the wiring is damaged or not properly installed, it can allow too much electricity to flow through it. This can cause a sudden increase in current which is dangerous. Signs of faulty wiring include scorch marks around outlets, a burning smell, vibrations or buzzing sound coming from outlets, or the circuit breaker tripping often.

Power Outage

Power outages occur when electricity is lost to a certain area. This can be caused by the high demand for electricity during hot weather when people are running their air conditioners more or if a power line is damaged.

Severe Storms

A lightning strike close to your home can cause a large increase in electrical power, known as a power surge. Power surges can occur over a large area when a lightning strike is within 1.6km of your house. Severe storms can also lead to power outages, a complete loss of power in a particular area. This can affect an entire block, neighbourhood, or even town.

How a Whole Home Power Surge Protector Can Help

A whole home surge protector is a worthwhile investment because it can help protect your electronic devices from damage caused by sudden spikes in voltage. This type of protector is designed to monitor the incoming power and divert any excess voltage away from your connected devices, protecting them from electrical surges. To get the most protection, you should look for a high joule or peak voltage rating.

A whole home-surge protector is a box that must be professionally connected to your main electrical panel. The box will monitor the electrical current and power supply and divert any excessive voltage away from your electronics, keeping them safe. When buying protection against power surges, always check the packaging of a power strip or outlet to see if they offer surge protection. Look for the words joules or maximum voltage to see if it can handle the unexpected and excessive current caused by power surges. 


Power surges can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and power outage. Power surges can damage sensitive electrical equipment, such as computers and televisions, and cause fire hazards. Taking preventative measures such as installing a whole home power surge protector, avoiding electrical overloads, and having regular electrical inspections can help to reduce the risk of power surges.

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