6 Signs You Need to Change Your Electrical Panel ASAP

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An electrical panel is a crucial part of any home, providing the necessary power to keep our daily lives running smoothly. Being a responsible homeowner also means learning how this essential component works to ensure your home remains safe and efficient. Part of this maintenance step is to determine when to call residential electrical services to replace your malfunctioning electrical panel. 

If you’ve been encountering strange electrical problems or preparing your home for the next owner, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your panel. 

Here are six warning signs you need to call residential electrical services to replace your broken panel ASAP. 

1. Electrical Fires 

This electrical problem can be extremely hazardous. It will cause severe damage to property, injury, and even death. 

Blackened outlets, a burnt odour, or a wall panel that feels hot to the touch are all signs your home has experienced an electrical fire. You must immediately call your residential electrical services to address the problem and protect everyone at home. They’ll have the right experience and tools to identify the source of the problem and replace the broken electrical panel with a newer, more efficient one. 


2. Tripping Circuit Breaker

This electrical switch protects an electrical circuit from overloading or short-circuit damage. Without it, it can cause severe problems at home. 

When your circuit breaker at home keeps switching off by itself, it’s always crucial to take this problem seriously. This electrical issue can indicate that the breaker is malfunctioning or you have faulty wiring or electrical panel. You can protect your home by calling residential electrical services to identify the problem and replace any broken parts. 


3. Foul Odours Coming from the Electrical Panel

If you spot a foul smell from your electrical panel, you must always call your residential electrical services immediately to investigate the cause. Watch out for charring, melted insulation, or rust, which could indicate a water infiltration issue. Let your electrician find the source, replace the panel, and eliminate the cause of the moisture. 


4. Flickering Lights 

Sometimes, when your home’s lights are flickering, you don’t usually have a ghost problem; there’s something wrong with your electrical panel that needs urgent fixing. 

If your lights flicker or dim when you switch on certain appliances, you use more electricity than your circuit panel can safely handle. You can address this issue by considering an electrical service upgrade. You can also ask your residential electrical service provider to help you with this step. 


5. Undersized Electrical Panels 

Many electricity panels are not large enough to effectively handle the power requirements of modern homes and businesses. 

The electricity supplied to a home was originally 50 amps, but this amount eventually increased to 100 amps. Today, houses have a much larger capacity for electricity with electrical panels of 200 amps or higher, so they can support all the appliances that require a lot of power.

If you’re planning a home renovation, consider buying upgraded appliances and ask your residential electrical service provider to install a new electrical panel. This step will ensure your home is ready for any future changes or additions and increase property value if you want to sell it. 


6. You Live in an Old Home

Your electrical panels usually last 30 to 50 years. However, like other household items, they also have a limited lifespan and need regular inspection and an urgent upgrade. It’s also worth remembering that even a panel from the 80s can be dangerous and less energy-efficient for your home. 



An electrical panel helps ensure a safe and energy-efficient home. Learning when to replace them and working with reputable residential electrical services can protect your property and everyone from safety hazards. 

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