5 Electrical Tips for Building a Safe Southern Alberta Home

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Now that you’ve selected the blueprints, paint colours, or flooring for your new house in Southern Alberta, you must also carefully plan your home’s electrical setup. From outlet placement and type of light switches to the wiring you'll need, how you'll wire your home will impact how you live.  

A proper electrical setup can help protect your household from different hazards, such as severe weather conditions and electrical hazards. On the other hand, a poorly-installed electrical layout will make your home more vulnerable to these dangers. It can also cause appliance damage and high energy bills.

As Raymond's reliable residential electrical service provider, we put together five electrical tips to help you build a safe and efficient home. 

1. Estimate How Much Power Your Home Will Need

Before building a house in Southern Alberta, the first step is determining how much power your home will use. 

We suggest cranking down your power system if you only use minimal energy for technology. On the other hand, an electrical panel upgrade works best if you want modern electrical conveniences and maximize your entertainment systems to ensure you'll have enough energy sources for now and the future. 

Besides the appliances you'll use, you must also consider the size of your dream home; a larger home will need more energy. Consult residential electrical services if you need clarification on how much energy your future home needs. 

2. Map Out Your Outlets' Layout

While you may not think much about your new home's electrical system, a thoroughly mapped-out design can ensure a safe and efficient household. You must observe your new home's layout to help you plan your lights' ideal locations and where to place your appliances. 

If you're uncertain about your new home's electrical layout, you can call your local residential electrical services to help you plan a safe and efficient design. They'll also provide pointers to help you optimize the electrical outlets for your entertainment and home office systems. 

Neglecting this step can lead to overloaded circuits and wasted spaces.

3. Identify What Wiring Your Home Needs

Besides determining how much power you'll need and mapping your outlets' layout, you must also identify what type of wiring your new home will need. 

Lead-sheathed wiring uses insulated wiring made from a lead aluminum alloy with 95% lead. It protects the electrical wiring from several types of potential damage. 

Concealed conduit wiring is the daily and most visually appealing use of wiring responsible for covering wires to protect them from damage. On the other hand, surface conduit wiring is on the surface that may run through metal conduits, PVC tubing, or cleave on wooden battens.

To further ensure your safety, we recommend installing direct-wired CO & Smoke Alarms instead of battery-operated systems. Consult residential electrical services to help determine your home's wiring system. 

4. Consider Alternative Light Switch Options

Considering what light switches you want is the fourth tip in our five-step guide. While there's nothing wrong with conventional light switches, alternative options can be more convenient and add style to your new home. 

Let your residential electrical services know beforehand whether you want a nice dimming light or want to control lighting from your phone. 

5. Consider Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Lastly, we recommend considering your new home's energy efficiency. As we grow more dependent on electrical appliances, we must have an efficient electrical system to save money and reduce our carbon footprints. 

We suggest consulting residential electrical services about Energy Management Systems (EMS), so you can quickly determine how much energy your appliances will need. 

Powering a Safe and Efficient Home

Carefully planning your electrical setup and consulting residential electrical services can help ensure a safe and energy-efficient home in Raymond, Southern Alberta.

Passey Electric offers complete residential electrical services in Raymond, Southern Alberta, to ensure new homeowners can safely and efficiently enjoy their new homes. Contact us today for more information!